Fatal Meeting

Original Sin 1

Anne-Lise Boge, 2015, Ebok, Engelsk, EPUB
Kristina Diseth (Oversetter)
Veil. pris49,–Du sparer6,–
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Norway 1910
In the saga “Original Sin”, we follow Mali, who at nineteen marries into wealth to save her family from poverty. «We don’t sell our kids around here.” Mali’s father answers when the farmer from Stornes offers Mali marriage to his son Johan. At only 19 years of age, Mali is forced to make a faithful decision. Sickly love, harsh demands, hate and distrust becomes her everyday life. Yet, the dream of true love is strong within her. One crucial day, passion and lust lead her down a path of sin that will cast a dark shadow over the rest of her life…

Mali lightly walks between the tables, as she is serving at a wedding. Johan is not the only one stealing glances of her graceful figure with golden hair and sparkling brown eyes. However, he is the only one with his mind set on having her – her and no one else. Regardless that she is a poor peasant girl, and he is the heir apparent to the wealthiest farm in the village.