Johanna’s Inheritance

The Guldberg Saga 3

Eva J. Stensrud, 2015, Ebok, Engelsk, EPUB
Isabel Algard (Oversetter)
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Can a man who drinks himself senseless and mistreats the weak, really be the one for Johanna? She begins to doubt, but realizes that it is her feelings for Christian that make her distance herself from her childhood friend, Gunner. In her despair, she is torn between love and duty. The ties to her deceased father and the farm and legacy he left her are strong, but are they strong enough?

Some fiancée she had, who wouldn’t even show his face on the farm after the funeral feast! He who should have proven to be a worthy heir after Erik, hadn’t as much as offered her up a thought. Not enough to make him show up at least. The last time she saw him, he was snoring on a bench in the hallway, sleeping off the intoxication. Johanna sighed.