Max Estes, 2012, Innbundet, Bokmål
Tittelen finnes ikke lenger i sortimentet.


What begins as the innocent purchase of a comic ends in serious business when a young man lands in the middle of an assault that leads to a person's death. Before he knows it, the police are on his tail and he is forced to flee to the forest, where he hides in a cave.

Once hidden, he discovers something: the comic strip, Nattsyn by Max Estes, which he thought he had lost when he was forced to run away. As he browses, he realises with fright that the story is all about him, on the run from the police through the forest and hiding in a cave. Just as he is about to browse further to discover the story's end, the comic book disappears in a gust of wind. He stands alone once again, hearing the police grow ever closer. He must go on, into the mountains, into the darkness.

A dark and playful comic strip series from the award-winning artist and author Max Estes.

‘Estes has now paired the pitch-dark noir sentiment from his Crooked trilogy with the same play with form he employed in his meta-fiction for children Hva handler det om?. Nattsyn is the story of a boy that stumbles across a comic series named “Nattsyn” in a second-hand shop, and the mysterious find develops into an intense thriller in which the boundaries between dream and reality begin to fade.’
Dagens Næringsliv