Pearls in your pocket - CD sanger m/Ragnhild Nilsen

Ragnhild Nilsen, 2009, Lydbok-CD, Bokmål
179,–inkl. mva
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With eyes closed sitting on the studio floor, very shy and rather timid at first, I started singing the tunes that has now become the Pearl Diver album. This is a result of a long transformative path I have walked the last ten years of my life while I was writing the poetic tale The Pearl Diver and the coaching book You are the change!

This album Pearl Diver has become a love affair with the creative process. In allowing these songs to sing themselves through me in this way, I hope to inspire you to find connection with your own creative source, your strength and your transformative abilities. I use a language that is partly understandable with the mind and partly understandable only with the heart.

Pearl Diver is a response to the wounds that life inflicts and the songs have in them the power of healing and inspiration. I am grateful to JohnJohn, Even and Jarl for having shared this musical journey with me, to Bernt Rune for his magical guitar and to Gunnar for his speaking drums.

Love from Ragnhild