Pøbler i pels og pyjamas

Ingvild Bjerkeland, 2013, Innbundet, Bokmål
Jens Kristensen (Illustratør)
Tittelen finnes ikke lenger i sortimentet.


It's the middle of the night. The forest is burning. The little girl's younger brother wants to go out and drive the fire engine, but where has he gone? His big sister has to go out and look. But then she discovers that her little brother has found an enormous creature, bellowing and spraying flames, and he won't return home with his sister. In fact, he doesn't come home until the following day. Every night her little brother sneaks out to visit the creature in the forest, and his big sister follows him on his journey to find out what he is getting up to.

Pøbler i pels og pyjamas is an intense and exciting picture book. The text is concise and enterprising, and the images add strength and body to the text to create a lovely little thriller for children who love a fright – just the right amount of scare!