Reddikhaien og andre fortellinger om reven og grisungen

Reven og Grisungen 1

Bjørn F. Rørvik, 1996, Innbundet, Bokmål
Per Dybvig (Illustratør)
Tittelen finnes ikke lenger i sortimentet.


In this book you find five vigorous stories about Fox and Piglet, and all the exciting and funny things they experience together. In these stories we meet beings that we never thought we would meet. Sillywinkles, Radish Sharks, The Catalonian Giant Cuckoo, Farty Goblins and once and again an Expert, have a tendency to turn up in the most unexpected ways and places. The main characters, Fox and Piglet, are both naïve and adventurous when experiencing rather eerie things.

The humoristic and characteristic illustrations by Per Dybvig are a perfect match for the text.

This is the first book in the series about Fox and Piglet.