Eva J. Stensrud, 2015, Ebok, Engelsk, EPUB
Todd & Rikka Shuett (Oversetter)
Veil. pris49,–Du sparer6,–
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The Norwegian flatlands, year 1810
In the Guldberg Saga, we follow Johanna, who is soon to inherit the sheriff’s farm Great Guldberg.

Young Johanna, is as strong and hardy as the dark soil in Hedmark county. The sheriff’s farm Great Gulberg, has been in her family for generations, and soon it is hers to inherit. Johanna decided long ago that her childhood friend Gunner, the finest eligible farmer in the village, is just the man her farm needs. When Johanna sets her mind to something – she goes all in! Blossoming into adulthood, she is torn between her bodily lusts and the social norms of her people. If she is to hold her head high on her wedding day, she needs to marry now. Her father however is hesitant to give his blessing. Is Gunner really the right man for his proud and willful daughter?
Then one day, the handsome and worldly Christian arrives in the village – complicating Johanna’s life further.