Norwegian folk tales av Peter Christen Asbjørnsen og Jørgen Moe (Innbundet)

Norwegian folk tales

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen og Jørgen Moe, 2010, Innbundet, Engelsk
Pat Shaw (Oversetter)
Theodor Kittelsen (Illustratør),
Eilif Peterssen (Illustratør),
Otto Sinding (Illustratør),
Erik Werenskiold (Illustratør)
Utsolgt, annen utgave skaffes.


NORWEGIAN FOLK TALES were collected and published in the mid 19th century by Peter Christian Asbjørnsen (1812-1885) and Jørgen Moe (1813-1882). The folk tales were early on illustrated by our leading artists, and contributed to the development of a national identity. NORWEGIAN HERITAGE is a series of books about our most important and best-known national icons. The respective titles introduce major personalities from the worlds of art and literature, science and sports, but also the many natural wonders of the country, as well as significant historical periods and cultural expressions. Each book offers an updated introduction to readers who wish to familiarize themselves with a given subject. For a full list of the series' titles, see